Delivery & Refund Policy

Dispatch and Delivery Information


We despatch home kit orders received up to 3pm Monday to Friday on the day the order is received.  Orders received after 3pm , Monday to Thursday are despatched the next day and orders after 3pm on a  Friday are despatched on the next working day Monday. Please note this is important to consider in the case of bank holidays . You must plan your order and take into account bank holidays. INTERNET EXPRESS (UK) LTD will not take responsibility for delays in shipping due to bank holidays.

We only deliver within the UK. We deliver all home kits in any one order to the billing address if it is in the UK or you provide a shipping address in the UK when you checkout. If your billing address is not in the UK , you must provide a UK address.

After your payment has been processed and you have received an acceptance email confirmation of the order we will send you a testing kit by first class post and you should receive it within 2 (two) working days, within the United Kingdom. We do not guarantee that the testing kit will arrive within 2 (two) working days as we are entirely dependent on our postal services provider (Royal Mail).

We do not validate any addresses , they are uploaded to Royal Mail in the manner that you provide them to us. As an indication, the following data – Address Line 1, City and Postcode must be accurate.

If you ask for delivery to a Halls of Residence or Hotel Reception or any other premises where it is unclear which is your sole dwelling, please check in any general postal receipt area. However, we cannot be held responsible if your package goes missing. If we can confirm that we have delivered to those premises, you will not be entitled to any refund.

If you order the wrong test or to the wrong address or Royal Mail cannot find the address you provided and you ask us to redispatch your (revised) order we will levy a £10 charge to redispatch for which we will send you a link for payment and any surplus payment that may be required for the correct test.

Delivery of a testing kit shall be considered to be completed upon our first attempt to deliver it to the address you have provided and the testing kit and sample will be your responsibility from that time until it reaches our laboratory for analysis. We recommend you keep a  note the tracking reference number on your return sample so that you can track on Royal Mail when your sample has reached our clinic using the link below and your return tracking reference.

Please ensure you return your sample using a Royal Mail Priority Mail Box closest to your address.

You can find your nearest priority mail box using this link:,kit%20from.%20How%20to%20spot%20a%20priority%20postbox

or calling 0345 266 8038 Monday – Friday 8am to 6pm,

Please ensure you check collection times from that particular priority mail box.

Please note that as each sample is in individual packaging, it means that each is a separate postal item which should be tracked separately and Royal Mail see no connection between samples posted in the same Priority Mailbox just because they are all from your order.

If you lose or damage your testing kit, we will send you a replacement kit subject to a further charge of £10 to cover our costs.

Your sample will be sent to the laboratory on the day we receive it to our clinic and the laboratory will despatch ‘Nextday’ results where ‘Nextday’ is defined to start from the point that we have your sample at our clinic. Please see the ‘Information’ section within each box of tests for a definition of result turnaround times.